Saturday, May 10, 2008

Warning: this is not "new"

Yep, here I my pajamas, with a nice hot cup of coffee next to me. The house is quiet, except for the washer and dryer noise (but to me that sounds like progress, not noise). I'm all set to have my computer free time, and I can't think of a thing to write about. I always get so mad when popular shows reflect that the show of the evening will be "new" on the channel guide...but then when you get all settled in with your basket of laundry to fold (and your snacks *ahem*) you find out that its a stinkin' recap show. That's not new!! Its clips of things I've seen already! Stupid *&^%#$! Well, in order to avoid that frustration, my friends, I'm giving plenty of warning...this is going to be an update post. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The rash: Yeah, it's eczema. We've been given a prescription for some salve (gotta love salve...the word just sounds greasy and disgusting) to use on it. It's now turned into big patches of really dry skin...umm, all over her body. Comfy! Eh, what can you do. She's still the happiest *coughcough*and cutest*coughcough* baby on the planet.

The swing set: Yep, still lovin' it! Big calls it her park. Hee! She wants to play outside eeeeevery day, which really is a good thing...except when I have to tell her no. But it HAS also proven to be quite effective in the bribery, umm...I mean motivation department. For example; "Big, if you don't eat those two chicken nuggets, you won't have any energy and we can't go out and play on the swing set!". Mwahahahahahahahaha! Oh, come on, every one does it! Don't they?

My family: They still rock! They can't get enough of Big talking about and playing on the swing set. I'm going to use this space to send a BIG appreciative shout out to Uncle Andy, who I hear devised the plan to surprise us with a complete swing set (and did most of the work). You. are. awesome. Uncle Andy's also going through some really stupid, unfair crap at work right now, so I have to also use this space to tell him that we love and support him 100%, and we're sending lots of thoughts his way.

My In-laws: They still rock too! They've apparently told Hubby several times how much they enjoyed having us come up and visit...which is nice because we enjoyed it so much too. Win-win. Doesn't get better than that! We will, in fact be seeing Uncle Frank at the baseball game here this afternoon...and maybe again tomorrow for some chill out time...although we secretly know he only wants to come and hang out with the girls, but that's cool! He's a wonderful uncle and the girls love him, so

Pink eye: As fast as it appeared, it disappeared. No antibiotics were even picked up from the pharmacy. Weird, no? Maybe the big guy really heard my plea...I can hope.

Big's Boo Boos: Like all first boo boos of the season, they're healing fine and going away. No more crying eruptions. No more neosporin was necessary. I'm sure we'll soon see another pair, such is the life of a two year old.

Aaaaaand, I believe that brings us to a close...unless you're wondering about my emotional instability...that hasn't changed, but I think that's just part of being a mother, and a wife...and a daughter...sister...friend...employee...nevermind just being a woman (oh the hormones!!). I'm not hoping for much improvement in that area. I have an AMAZING husband and family, two unbelievable daughters, and the best friends a girl could hope for to get me through. Thanks for putting up with me everybody!

Well, happy Saturday friends! I'm off to go fold some laundry, then feed little, give her a bath and apply salve, wash the get the idea. Then we're off to Wal-Mart ::shudder::, then Grandma's to drop Little off, and then we're heading to the ball game! Go Brewers!

Don't forget to love your mothers tomorrow!! MWAH!

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