Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

I know it's a little late to be doing my Mother's Day recap but, just like every other day, my Mother's Day was bu-sy...allowing me zero time to blog. It was good busy; having coffee while playing with Big's Barbies, getting presents from Hubby and the girls (wheee!), running to my sister's house (an hour and a half late-d'oh!) to have brunch with my family...so much fun!! But when we arrived home that evening, my Mother's Day celebration really began, in kind of an odd way. It changed from "a day to honor me as a mother" to "a day to step up my game and be the best mother I can be." As soon as we stepped in the door Big and Little were both hungry. Both were tired. Big was all worked up from playing with my nieces all afternoon...it was truly a scene to behold. Imagine a Tasmanian devil, eating chicken strips and french fries over your living room carpet, while a teeny tiny fire truck siren goes off in your arms for 20 minutes while you try to feed it. It was something like that. heh. Nothing new in our household, but for some reason the fact that it was Mother's Day actually gave me a new perspective on the chaos.

There was no pity party that my Mother's Day didn't turn out to be a relaxing day of paying homage to my greatness. In a few years, my days won't be as hectic; Big won't require constant supervision during meals to keep her from lodging fish sticks in her trachea, and I won't be "trapped" in a seated position while I feed Little...but I'm not ready for that yet. I LOVE having little kids. I love (secretly) laughing at Big's reasoning and daily verbal contemplations. I LOVE getting huge smiles from Little every time I make eye contact with her, and stroking her soft baby hair with my cheek. I love that if I feed Big "like a kitty" and meow a couple of times, I can get her to eat just about anything. I love nursing Little and having her fall asleep in my arms, feeling her warm body against mine. I love when we all sit on the couch together; Big laying on one side of me with her pink blankie and Little in my other arm kicking and cooing up a storm, and just being together. I love where we are now. I don't want to rush this period of our lives. And yeah-with the good parts of motherhood also comes the dirty diapers, the spit-up, the sleepless nights and crack of dawn mornings, but soon enough I'll wake up the mother to two teenage girls who are too busy with their own lives to even acknowledge that they have a mother. That can wait a while. I'll take changing a million dirty diapers in exchange for one messy, strawberry lip gloss filled kiss from Big and one smile filled coo from Little.

So, in retrospect, this Mother's Day was far from relaxing. I wouldn't compare it to a day at the spa. I wouldn't call it leisurely...but I will say that I think that it was just as it should be. It was busy and hectic and loud...and I changed diapers, wiped noses and diffused tantrums, just like every other day...but this day I took the time to realize how much I enjoy being a mother. I wouldn't have spent it any other way.


Rebecca said...

Great post!! I'm glad you enjoyed the day!

Sue said...

Aw! That is just perfect! These days fly by like the wind. How great to remember that with a firetruck in your arms and a Tasmanian devil on your rug!! :-)

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