Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Sugar Battle: Day 3

Dude. This is only day 3?! Ugh.

I'm of the opinion that weight loss needs to be more instantaneous. It is in the heat of the moment...when you're faced with your child's half finished vanilla malt...that you desperately need to see some weight loss results for encouragement...not 2 weeks later! Who came up with this system!? Seriously.

So, it's day 3, feels like day 353, but I'm still on track. No sweets were eaten yesterday. Pants are still tight. Maternity sweater that was supposed to be long and concealing actually ended up resting on my "butt shelf" (you know, when your butt sticks out enough that it creates a place for your shirt to rest...vindictively accentuating your already ample rear) making me squirm every time I stood up yesterday. I don't think my clothes even fit me this badly when I was pregnant...and huge. Now I'm just medium huge. What's the deal?

OK, trying to be positive here...I did make it through yesterday without cheating. I came this close to eating a bite of Big's strawberry bon bon ice cream, (umm, yum!?!) but didn't. Whew! That's about it. Overall I'd say its getting a bit easier to not want sugar every minute. This is encouraging.

Now, back to watching the floor around me. I'm waiting for the first pound to hit the deck...any minute now...aaaaaaaaaaany minute now...whelp!

Note 12:10 PM: Whoever said that you should load up on water in order to curb your appetite must have been sadistic. Water makes my stomach feel absolutely empty, and ravishingly hungry. Idiot.

Note 12:12 PM: After re-reading my post I realized that it appears that I'm weighing myself, ohhhhh, every 5 minutes or so. And I'm not. I won't weigh myself until next Tuesday. I'm giving it a whooooooole week. ::groan::

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