Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back away slowly...

...because I may need to post a "quarantine" sign on our front door. We have a rash. (Well, Little has a rash, WE don't. I'm rash-free thank you.) And so the wait has begun to determine exactly what it is we're dealing with. Is this a rash, or is it a RAAAAAAASH? I'm on fever watch, which is nothing like Baywatch, by the way. No swim suits (thank GOD!), no beach...just me and Little and a terribly sloooooowwwwww digital thermometer. Loads of fun. My poor baby.

On a happy note, Big and I got to go and do something "alone" for the first time in months today! Grandma came over to watch Little while I took Big to the place of her choice to spend some time alone with moi! She chose the park. I tell you, watching her climb and jump and fly around that playground, I was beside myself. She climbed up to the highest platform and went down the 3 big kid slides all by herself. Last year I had to help her with everything; hold her hand as she walked across the wobbly bridge, catch her at the bottom of the toddler sized slide...but not anymore. *sniff* My baby is growing up. *sniff* I'm hopeful that this alone time might help improve her morale when it comes to Little. I haven't seen her stick her tongue out at the baby this Big's a tough cookie, though. I'm not uncrossing my fingers just yet.

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