Monday, May 5, 2008

Dear God,

Could you please give Little a break soon? She's dealt with so much in the 3-1/2 months that she's been alive. I know that she's a strong girl, and she can handle your challenges, but it would just be so wonderful for her to not have to deal with anything for a little while. She's such a happy baby, full of joy and smiles even though she's had heart surgery, and has a pacemaker. She's been a patient in the hospital twice and has had more IV's than I have in my 30 years. She's already had a blood transfusion and an experimental treatment, which most people go a lifetime without. She takes her 4 daily doses of medication with gusto, even though the taste of them made Mommy gag. She smiles at the nurses and doctors when they poke and prod at her monthly, examining every aspect of her cardiovascular system. She's managed to grow and thrive and be a joyous baby despite her discomfort and constant spitting up from reflux. She hasn't complained at all about the rash that's now covering her body and doesn't look very comfortable...or the pink eye that she mysteriously came down with yesterday. She's been smiling and cooing despite her obvious discomforts. She's such a champion. So, could you please cut her some slack and let her little body heal what it already has to deal with, without putting anymore challenges on her plate. Her Mommy would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

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