Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Boo Boo Season

Well, it's official. Boo boo season is upon us. Poor Big. She got her first pair of skinned knees yesterday when she fell on the cement at the park. When she came home from being with her dad last night, the first thing she said to me, before the usual "hi" or "I want some candy" was "Mama, I got owies!". Indeed. Ouch!

My little girl never cries. Well, not never...but hardly ever in pain. When she falls down or bumps her head she usually just gets right up and, seeing the horror on my face, says "It's OK Mama! I'm OK!" as if to comfort me that she fell down. She's incredible. But this morning was no typical owie moment for Big. She was absolutely beside herself when she bumped one of her boo boos on the table. I'm talking drool soaking the carpet as it pours out of her mouth because she's crying so hard, crying. My poor baby. Kisses didn't help, she wouldn't let my lips anywhere near her boo boos...I was at a loss. Already late for work, I had an epiphany; Neosporin with pain relief! Let me just publicly thank whoever came up with this stuff right now. Give that man (or woman...I'm equal opportunity) a Nobel peace prize, because I can only imagine how many additional mothers have been thankful for the peace that concoction has brought their children. Pure. genius. If you don't already have this, run out and get some NOW! Right Now! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...Now! Seriously, go!

So, I reluctantly left my sad little girl all calmed down, laying on the couch, sucking her thumb, snuggling her bunny, knees covered in Neosporin and a whopping 5 Dora band-aids. It's going to be a long boo boo season.

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