Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The War Rages On...Let the Sugar Battle Begin: Day 1

The war against my waistline that is. Ughhhh...it's not even really been a war lately, more of a massacre. I haven't been trying to watch what I eat at allllll...unless you count watching the fork full of cake as it goes from the plate to my mouth. (heh) It's now been 3 months since I've lost a single pound of after baby weight, and that is just crap. The good news? I've got my boxing gloves on and I'm finally ready to do some battle. As of today I am NOT allowing myself to snack on sweets. No after lunch chocolate. No after dinner cake. No convenient cookie stops at the mall. None. After reviewing my diet, I think I might single handedly be responsible for the depletion of the sugar crop around the world with all of the sweets I eat!! And if I can do away with that part of my diet, the price of sugar should go down by about 50% AND I will be way closer to winning this stupid war and actually stepping out of the maternity section sometime in this decade. I really do love my elastic waist pants, with the built in fabric panel...ahhhhhh...comfy (it's like wearing jeans and sweat pants at the same time! To work!) but the reality is that that panel is there to allow for baby growing room, not cupcakes...and there is no baby in this belly anymore. Thus, its time to get a move on and get back in my "my body is not a vessel anymore" pants.

So...I weighed myself this morning (I won't share that part with you ::eye roll::) and my goal is to do this for ONE WEEK and see what happens. I figure that if I can make it through the first seven days, the second week will be easier...here's hoping.

Ready? Set. Go! Day one in progress...

Note 2:16 PM: Just ate lunch at work, a Lean Cuisine flat bread. It was tasty, but I yearned for a Hershey Nugget chaser...which lies a mere 12 inches from me in my desk drawer. I resisted. It was hard. I'm only 14 hours into this thing and I hate it already. I'd better see some scale results next Tuesday!!! Grr.
Note 9:11 PM: OMG. I picked the wrong day to start this. Tonight Big was in rare form. First she spat at me, then used the word "hate" for the first time. In fact, it was used in this sentence: I HATE Mama. Umm...what?! I mean, she was angry with me because I was being super mean and all and not letting her have her way (insert eye roll here) but HATE? ::shudder:: I thought I had 11 more years coming before I heard that one! And to put the cap on my craptastic evening, after I finally got Big to bed, Little spent hour upon hour screaming at me and refusing to nurse...until I gave in and gave her a bottle of EBM. I've never had to give her a bottle before. ::sniff:: Not only do I want to eat the stupid piece of cake that's intruding in my fridge right now, but I want to drive to the store and buy a whole cake...and eat it in my car...in the grocery store parking lot. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! P.S. I refuse to eat the stupid cake. Stupid cake. Grr.


Anonymous said...

Give those candies to a co-worker! Quick!

Stay strong, Momma!

Sue said...

Yeah. I can't even have chocolate in the HOUSE! This made me laugh so hard, esp. the part about wearing jeans and sweatpants all at the same time!!! Funny!!!! (And it makes me miss my maternity clothes just a little.)

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