Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sweet Whispers

Little is on a nursing strike. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. (note sarcasm) And she's not on a passive, "I'd rather smile and coo at you" strike, she's on a full blown "if you put my face near that boob I'm going to scream until the glasses in the cabinet shatter" kind of strike. Its SUPER! Anyway, one such strike episode was going on last night, shortly after Big had been put to bed. She clearly hadn't had time to fall asleep before the screaming began and soon was yelling for me from her bed. Hubby went to the rescue. She told him that she wanted to come and help with Little and make sure she was OK. heh. Hubby quickly saw through her thinly veiled effort to get out of bed and told her that we had it covered, her sister was just fine, and she should go to bed. He then tucked her in again and closed the bedroom door. A few minutes after walking away, he heard her talking in her room again, so he went and stood outside her door. He heard her whispering this:

Big: It's OK Little. You no cwy. Hewe, I move my bwankie. I make woom fo you. (rustling was heard) You can way down wiff me wiiiiight hewe on my bed. No cwy Little. It's OK.

He told me this story with a giant smile on his face. My heart melted. I guess she's over hating her baby sister. My sweet little girl, you're such a good Big sister. ::sniff::

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Netspartyof6 said...

That is soo sweet.. Koda adores Emi, however Emi No likey Koda anymore.. I guess she is tired of him getting so close to her face she could lick him..Now, when he gets close she lets out a squelch, her new found sound.. It is quite funny until he does it 50 times and then she turns into a crying, squelching mad

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