Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Sugar Battle: Summarized

Well, it's official. The week has come to an end. I haven't blogged about my sugar battle for the last few days, so here's a summary of the rest of the week:

Day 4: Had a cyst removed. It was disturbing. That creepy scraping sound just about drove me to the edge of sanity. ::shudder:: I drove right from the doctor's office to Culver's and got a malt. I then spent the rest of the day feeling guilty. Dumb.

Day 5: I was good. I was back on track. I even resisted Hubby's Peanut M&M's at the movie theater. It was dark in the theater. No one would have known about my indiscretion but me (and Hubby, but he was the one offering them, so he wouldn't have cared). I knew this. I resisted anyway. Go me!

Day 6: Stressful day. Little's still on her nursing strike so I'm pumping 8 fricken fracken times a day, while managing to wrangle two small children at the same time. I'm not one for patting myself on the back, but OMG, I think I deserve a weekend trip to the spa as a reward when all of this pumping business is done. Anyway, I got Big and Little both down for their naps, finished pumping for the 4th time of the day and finally had a moment to myself...so I ate a cookie. And then another one. Crap.

Day 7: Memorial Day. Family cook-out. Lots of fun. My dish to bring? Brownies. D'oh! So Big and I stirred up a nice batch of triple chunk brownies and threw some frosting on them. They looked harmless enough...but, well, I thought it best to try one to make sure they weren't poisonous before anyone else ate one. I'd hate to be the one responsible for a family-wide illness epidemic....and stuff. And then I ate another one. And, umm...one more. Dude.

Sooo, I have to admit, I certainly wasn't perfect...but in all honesty, the amount of sugar I consumed this week was about one tenth of what I normally would have consumed. I'm irritated that I didn't make it one measly week without breaking, but I still feel pretty good about how much I decreased my sugar intake. I also have to say that I can definitely tell that I'm no longer a slave to the cane. I still enjoy sugary foods (like brownies-*ahem*) but I don't get crabby and irritable if I don't eat them. I find it much easier to take it or leave it. So, yay!

And now to the big stuff...I faced the moment of truth this morning with skepticism. I know I wasn't all that great at resisting sugar, but I did do a lot better this week than I have in months...and I didn't replace my sugar junk food with other things either. No chips or other snacks were shoved down as a replacement in my moments of weakness...so I thought that I may have still lost a pound or two. I got on the scale in the bathroom with just the teeniest bit of hope...took a deep breath...and...looked down...to discover...that I...gained 4 pounds. Umm, what?! You must be F'ing kidding me. I haven't gained 4 pounds since I was pregnant!! Ridiculous, I tell you. Maybe it's someone telling me I need more ice cream. Grr.


Fuzz Martin said...

I don't want to sound like I'm your enabler friend, here, but...

You're putting the sugar on a pedestal. By doing so, you're going to crave it more than anything, and when you inevitably break down and have some, you're going to binge. Instead of treating yourself like a crack addict looking for your "last" fix, give yourself one time a day and enjoy some sugary goodness. Limit it to once a day and reward yourself for making it through the slings and arrows that keep getting thrown your way.

Punishing yourself for eating the things you love is only going to cause you a lot of undue stress. I'm quite sure that you don't need any more of that right now. ;)

Besides, none of us want to pick up the Journal Sentinel, only to see how Jenny slaughtered the Schwan's delivery man in a low-sugar-induced craze. (though I'm sure it would be completely defensible)

Jenny said...

Haha. Headline reads: "Schwann Man Found Slain. Ice Cream Compartments Empty". OMG, that's funny. Not the murder part...but, umm...well...you know. *ahem* But, you're right. If I could just eat a small portion each day I'd be set! That's my ultimate goal...I've just been trying to detox this week by cutting it out all together. I didn't do so well, and apparently my body didn't love it either. 4 pounds?!?! Seriously.

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