Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Sugar Battle: Day 2

Well, since yesterday I've learned quite a few things about this battle, things that will help me stay strong and give sugar the boot.

First, and most importantly, I've learned that cutting sugar treats our of your diet makes you very, very crabby. Hubby has, unfortunately, learned this lesson too, poor guy.

Second, I've learned that A LOT of people are going through this same thing at this very moment. Oprah, for one (who knew??)...but also a lot of my friends! Had I not come out with my declaration of war, I may have never known what a common issue this is! Thankfully, I am in good company.

Third, and finally, I've also learned that I can make it through a whole day without consuming sweets. And a really bad whole day too. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet (Note to self: find a new expression of enthusiasm to use, as that one makes me think of cake.). I did have a handful of chips before dinner, and a regular soda with dinner, but no chocolate, no candy, no cake (I made hubby eat the intruder cake), and none of the very delicious lemon cupcake cookies that I unknowingly bought the day before yesterday. ::slaps forehead::

So, we're almost halfway through day 2 and, aside from wanting to shoot lasers out of my eyes at the drop of a hat, I'd say that this is so far a success....for me...not such a happy experience for those around me. heh. Hopefully that will pass.

Note 11:02 AM: I'm suddenly wondering if Little's refusal to nurse (yes, still!) is related to my kicking the sugar habit. Maybe she only likes chocolate milk? Poor kid.

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