Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Swing Set

OK, so I'm a sinner. I can't help it. I realllly want a swing set to put in our back yard. I've found myself coveting the jungle gyms of my surrounding neighbors on my drive home from work lately. I'm going to hell. Overall, I'm a good person, really! It's just that I can almost taste the joy that my big girl could have this summer sliding down a big slide, climbing up a little climbing wall, and swinging on a swing in our own back yard! There would be no need to pack up the necessities (30 pound diaper bag with refreshments, 80 pound car seat, 2 wiggly children, etc.) to go play! BLISS!!! But sadly, I've been given the thumbs down by the male authority of the house. We hope to sell our house sorta soon and buy a much bigger one (which isn't saying much since we currently live in a matchbox). I've been told there's no sense in setting one up this year if we'll just be moving next year, and while that's true and does make plenty of sense, um...I still want one. I need an angle here people! I'm losing ground fast! Maybe if I told him that his not allowing us to get one and forcing me to covet would eventually send his otherwise perfectly sweet wife to hell he would change his mind? Yeah, I didn't think so either. Boo.
On an up note, the weather was absolutely gorgeous here today. Big and I met the hubby out in the back yard and played outdoors for the first time in about 6 months. We blew bubbles and Big chased them, and ate some-blech. She climbed up her little play set and slid down the slide all by herself. (*sniff* my big girl!) Then Little joined us in the Bjorn and spent her first afternoon ever outdoors...being born in January can do that to a person! It was a wonderful afternoon!!! We laughed a lot and had so much fun! Then, of course when it was time to come in the house for the evening, the usual chaos ensued. Big wouldn't eat her dinner, Little screamed, hubby and I ran around like headless know, the usual. Oh, Calgon...

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Rebecca said...

Oh Jenny! I love your blog already! It took me months to share my blog with family and I still sometimes wish I hadn't so I could, um, vent about them lol... Can't wait to see more!

And in case you were wondering this is Becca from the sanctuary.

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