Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stop the Insanity!!!

Mine, that is...my insanity. Heaven help me. My 2-year old is trying to kill me. She suddenly hates her little sister, and she's acting out. She's figured out that while I'm occupied with the baby (and we're talking feeding, changing diapers, necessities only here people, not playing goo-goo with the baby while I ignore her) that she can get away with just about anything because I'm trapped. And these things she's doing...they have no purpose. She's not running into the kitchen to steal scraps of bread because I won't feed her, or sneaking into her room to lay down because she's so exhausted and I won't let her nap...quite to the contrary actually. The things she's doing have me rubbing my chin in puzzlement long after they've been cleaned up. Here's a list of our recent "fun" activities. ::insert eye roll here::

Saturday Morning: (while I'm feeding the baby) Squeezes a tube of A&D ointment out all over her hands and rubs it on both sides of her bedroom door and door handle That was easy to clean up, ummm...no.

Monday Morning: (while I'm getting the baby up from her nap) Gets caught stealing and trying to open a biiiiiiiig bottle of lotion in the dining room all by herself. Mission aborted. WHEW!

(while I'm feeding the baby) Sneaks into the bathroom to play. Throws toilet paper roll into toilet. Turns on sink. Covers hands, forearms, shirt, and bathroom floor with hand soap. My toothbrush was also moved into a different hole in the holder...I have no idea what she did with it. Out of fear, I got a new one last night.

(same feeding...10 minutes later) Grabs an empty container of hand wipes off of the table in the dining room...dissatisfied that the wipes are gone, she decides to dump the left over anti-bacterial liquid all over the dining room carpet. (at least this one sort of cleaned itself up...hee)

(lunch time) Decides to pretend that her grilled cheese sandwich is a hair comb rather than eating it. Lovely.

(during Little's afternoon feeding) Takes a dime off of the end table right next to me (because of choking risks money is soooooo off limits in our house). As fast as she can, rather than give it back to me, she shoves it into one of the vent slots in my video monitor. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Luckily, the monitor still works...as long as you don't shake it, or uhh...move it too much...ugh!

(while I'm changing Little's diaper) Goes into the kitchen, takes hot dog buns off of kitchen table and drops each package onto the floor...one by one.

And that's just in the last few days, with each of these incidents being followed up with a time out and serious talking to. I think she spent half of her day in time out yesterday! Seriously! Where is Dr. Spock when you need him? Or Dr. Phil? Or Dr. Seuss, for goodness sakes!? I'm at a loss here people. Somebody help me.


Rebecca said...

Many, many hugs. Sadly, I have no advice, only that believe it or not someday (maybe not soon) you will laugh over these antics (well, maybe not the A & D). If it makes you feel any better Zack has started being so naughty lately and his little brother is 1. This is a really tough age! HUGS to you and hang in there because it really will get easier (now, after I write my next blog post you can tell me the same thing, k?)

BMJ said...

Deal, Becca!! Thanks.

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