Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mouse Watch: The Final Chronicles

After the 50th time that Grandma told me how big the mouse was that she had seen running through my kitchen yesterday (she even mentioned the "r" word ::shudder::...that's "rat" for those of you who didn't get that) I decided that there was no way I could step foot into my own house until Hubby was home too. What would I do if the darn thing came out and challenged me to a duel, or even a mere stare down? Alone with both girls I would certainly lose and be forced outdoors with both kids, so wait we Grandma's house...until after 8 PM.

Despite her horror (and a little bit of post-traumatic stress disorder it seems), one good thing did come out of poor Grandma's Mousey sighting... we were able to learn that, due to the gigantic size of this mouse, we needed bigger traps. Grandma asserted that she didn't believe that the mouse she had seen would even fit in the traps that Hubby had laced with peanut butter, much less be eliminated (sorry PETA). This was "the biggest mouse that she had ever seen." Hubby (after laughing about the rumored growing size of our rodent) agreed that he would purchase larger traps on his way home, and thankfully so because Grandma was right! When we arrived home last night and performed "trap inspection", we discovered that Mousey was so darn huge (or maybe so smart) that he was able to actually eat the peanut butter out of one the previously set traps, but not get caught in it! ::grumblegrumblegrumble:: It seemed that he had won the first battle, and hubby and I don't take defeat well, so we gathered our resources...baited newer, bigger traps...and went to bed.
(time lapse...8 hours)
Hubby gets out of bed this morning, heads straight for the kitchen, and triumphantly strides back into our bedroom proclaiming "We caught ourselves a mouse!!!" The satisfaction on his face is clear. This is a manly victory. ::swoon:: My hero!! (hee!) And while part of me does feel terrible that the poor creature had to go to mousey thought is that if the darn thing was smart enough to win "the battle of the peanut butter" (which it shall be referred to as from now on), then it should have known better than to indulge in the suspiciously appearing "free cheese" on our kitchen floor. But still...ummm...sorry Mousey.
Now where did I put those clorox wipes...and the rug steam cleaner...and the bleach...?! BLECH!!

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