Friday, April 18, 2008

Secrets Revealed

I should have known better, really. I showed Big the Brewers tailgate chair, that I had exhaustedly searched for and found for hubby's birthday, before I wrapped the box. She was curious, birthdays are exciting for two year-olds (and 29 year-olds *ahem*) and so I showed her the gift and then let her help me wrap the box. She was GREAT at taping the itself...but she helped none-the-less and we had fun doing it. The wrapped box went on the dining room table, the card got signed, and I was feeling pretty good about getting it done two days before the actual event. When hubby got home from work I was in our bedroom changing Little's diaper and I heard this:

Big: Huuuuuuubbbbbbbbbbbyyyy!!! (Clearly she doesn't call him hubby...but that's his name here. We are not some strange polygamist cult or anything. Just clearing that up)

Hubby: Hi Big! How was your day?

Big: Good! We wwap youw pwesent!

Hubby: You did?!

Big: Yep! It's on da tabew! See?!

Hubby: Oh! Very nice!

Big: Shhh...I not supposed to teww you its a chaiw fow fiiiiiive minutes.

Me: ::slaps forehead:: *thinking* "No Big! Not five minutes! Two days!" D'oh!!

Surprise and happy birthday hubby! I hope you like your chair! HEE!

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Sue said...

She is too darn adorable! And when did you get out the polygamist cult? ;-)

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