Sunday, April 27, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Today was a blast! We took Little to her first baseball game! Hubby and Little and I went to watch the Brewers play Miller Park with my parents and siblings and nieces and nephew (Big was with her Dad today). There were 11 of us total. We "tail gated"at our house before the game, due to crappy, chilly weather that kept us from doing it outdoors (boo), but ended up having so much fun anyway! Little was a complete angel! She mostly snuggled with me in the Bjorn (and slept through every, amazingly loud scream, whistle, clap, and round of the wave as it came around...impressive!), but also really enjoyed chewing on her hands and drooling while watching the game!! I think we may have a baseball fan (and an early teether) on our hands! Hubby couldn't be prouder.

On a "that would happen to me" note: I did plan on bringing a bottle of pumped breast milk with us to the game, but in the hustle to get out the door, I forgot. About an hour after we arrived at our seats it became apparent that I would need to breastfeed Little in my seat at the stadium (gulp!). Now don't get me wrong, this is the second child I've breast fed...I've certainly had to nurse in public before. I think the unspoken "deal" about nursing in public goes like this: If my baby is hungry and screaming, I'm going to feed her. I'll try to not flash you and you try not to stare at me waiting for my boob to pop into sight (or stare me down with evil, "I can't believe she's doing that" eyes) and we'll all be happy. K? However, as anyone who's been to a sporting event knows, there isn't much room in ballpark seats, and with the tiered stadium seating arrangement, my end of the deal gets a little more challenging. An indecent exposure ticket lies only one false move away. Regardless, Little was hungry, so I got everything all set, did a little calming meditation and, using a blanket to cover myself, proceeded to begin a very successful, covered feeding. Everything was going so well, when all of a sudden, I saw a camera our aisle...right next to our row. Hubby leaned over and rather loudly announced "Hey Honey! You get to be up on the big screen breastfeeding!" (Less than amused, I gave him my best evil eye.) It seems that a man one row in front of us and only 5 seats to my right was chosen to answer one of the jumbo-tron on-camera trivia questions. As the camera crew got ready to broadcast, I felt my eyes begin bulging out of their sockets in amazement and dismay. Hubby and Grandma both looked at me and then each other and laughed. Was my already larger than normal breast going to actually make an appearance on the larger than life jumbo-tron?! Say it ain't so!! I began to panic.
Much to my relief, the man got out of his seat and stood in the aisle, and the camera man turned around and set his angle in another direction. Breathing once again, I was able to finish feeding my daughter without worrying about accidentally raising the rating of the jumbo-tron video from G to PG-13. That would only happen to me. Sheesh.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I am dying laughing! Love the blog, Jenny!

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