Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Sunday Night Struggle

I don't know if Sunday nights are like this for everyone, but at our house, Sunday is the busiest night of the week. We usually arrive home from having dinner with my parents between 6-7 PM, make a mad dash to complete any immediate tasks (heaven forbid one of us needs to use the bathroom!), clean out the tub, then hubby starts doing laundry and/or dishes while I give one tired, wiggly girl a bath and get her in bed, then give the second tired, wiggly girl a bath and get her in bed. Free of tired wiggly girls, we then both rush around the house like nuts to complete any of the weekends chores that didn't get finished earlier (curse you endless amounts of dirty dishes and laundry!!) the time the day is over, I'm exhausted...drop on the bed without showering, don't have time to say my prayers before the snoring begins exhausted. Today is no different. So, be forewarned as you read this that I'm not going to last long here tonight and I may not have anything all that thrilling to talk about. My brain is cramping. I'm spent.

It's been a wonderful weekend overall; lots of one-on-one time with hubby yesterday, including an afternoon nap on the couch AND a Saturday night dinner date (woot! woot!), an almost uneventful Sunday morning at church with both girls (aka minimal screaming during mass, no one eye-balling us to get a move on with our loud child), a lovely day with my family, in-laws, hubby and the girls, beautiful weather to play in, really this weekend was great! And while I am admittedly completely exhausted from barely sitting for two days straight, it dawned on me moments ago as I was laying on my bed next to Little's bassinet, watching her chest rise and fall as she slowly gave into to her slumber, that I am one lucky woman. I'm fortunate to have those two sweet little girls to bathe at night. Fortunate to have family nearby to go and see every weekend. Fortunate that Hubby and I love each other so much, enjoy each other's company, and are able to work together so well when our plates are full. And fortunate that we have a home to bring our girls to when we're done playing. Sometimes in the midst of an otherwise busy, frustrating, mind draining situation, I suddenly find myself struck with appreciation for all that I have. Love is all around me, and my heart is full.


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SaraB said...

What a wonderful way to put that Sunday night chaos into perspective! I will remember that next Sunday!

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