Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Doing a Tribal Dance of Excitement

Yep, I'm dancing right here at my desk. It looks a lot like the "cabbage patch"...that arm circling dance from the 90's? Yeah, that's the one. Anyway, this impromptu jam session has been brought to you by 5 very sweet words: We're getting a swing set!!!! I can't wait for Big to see it for the first time! The first thing she said this morning (aside from "Mooooooommmmmmyyyyyyy...can I get up?") was "I wanna go outside!!". The girl loves to play outdoors! Heck, get rid of bugs (she takes after her mother *ahem*) and I think she'd agree to live out there! We spent some time in our yard playing yesterday (courtesy of the beautiful weather that we've had lately and the mouse that I discovered in our dining room and needed to flee from-ICK!) and she not only had a great time running around willy-nilly, but she also went down for both her nap, and to bed for the night like a perfect little (exhausted) angel! Me thinks this is going to be more of a gift for the whole family than just one little girl! I can't wait to set her loose on it!

I was looking at the swing set on the computer this morning with Grandma-who is precipitating our ability to get said swing set-and Big wandered up to us. As she approached the computer, she saw what I was looking at and wide-eyed said, and I quote, "Mama, I wish I could go there!!". Very soon, Big. Very soon. Thank you Grandma!!!!

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