Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Poor Bunny

Big has a bunny fetish. She loooooooooooves her bunnies, mostly "pink bunny"...he's #1 in her life. Pink bunny needs frequent baths because Big likes to chew on her bunnies' left ears...its an unexplained phenomenon, we just accept it. Anyway, pink bunny has been getting a bath for the last 3 days now (we figure he must have stopped in at the spa...or maybe we just didn't get to the laundry *ahem* either is possible) so she's had white bunny instead. For the most part, she's been fine with this, but this morning she decided that she had to have pink bunny back. The conversation went something like this:

Big: Mama...I have pink bunny today?

Me: Umm...yeah, Big. I'm pretty sure that pink bunny is all done getting a bath.

Hubby: Yep, he's in the dryer.

Big: Oh, yay! Pink bunny!! Hewe mama, I need pink bunny cuz dis bunny need a baff (aka bath). (hands me white bunny)

Me: White bunny needs a bath?

Big: Yeah. He weeeeewy (aka really) diwty...and stinky!!

Me: He's stinky??

Big: Yeah, cuz I toot on him a lot!!

Me: *speechless*

Hubby: *smiling ear to ear*

Huh. I guess even princesses toot...on their beloved bunnies no less. Poor bunny. *sigh*

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