Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mouse Watch, Day 1


I just received a panic filled call from Grandma, who watches the girls at our house on the days that I work. She saw the mouse! She said its BIG! Bigger than any mouse she ever had in her house, and she's so creeped out that she's taking the girls over to her house. ::whelp:: I want to cry. I feel sick to my stomach. I HATE creepy crawlies!!! Filled with a new sense of panic of my own, I decide that I MUST share this news with Hubby!! This is a mousey emergency!

I begin by calling his work cell phone and get voicemail. I wait a few minutes and then called his personal cell instead and again get voicemail. Thinking that he's in a meeting I take inventory of my panic, and decide to stop calling. A few minutes later, my phone rings...on the other end is a worried sounding Hubby wanting to know what's going on. "I didn't get you out of a meeting, did I?" I ask. "Yeah, the company staff meeting. I was actually in the middle of my part and I said 'My wife has called me a few times now. I need to go and see what's going on'. So what's going on?" Realizing that he thinks that there is some sort of child emergency and suddenly feeling sheepish, I reply ::whelp:: "Oh, I'm so sorry!! I didn't mean to get out in your meeting!! But, (then the panic hits again)...itsjustthatmyMomsawthemouseinthehouseandshesaiditsreallybig
takingthegirlstoherhouse!ShesaiditsreallyreallybigHubby!!!" There's momentary silence on the other end of the phone...then laughter. I blush, realizing that this does not qualify for the emergency category in his book. Now I feel silly. "Please don't tell the people in your meeting that I'm calling about the mouse," I beg, "They'll laugh at me". "Well, they're going to ask if everything is OK! I have to tell them something!" he asserts. He's going to tell them, dammit.

Curse you mousey!!!

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