Monday, June 9, 2008

The things kids say...

Big was bored this morning while I was pumping. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, just wasn't holding her attention (yes, I'm that kind of mom, when I have to be) so she decided to rifle through a Target bag that was lying on the floor nearby. She was mildly interested in the Father's Day card that I picked up for Hubby yesterday (it had a jewel on it, so it was fancy)...but what really got her attention was the two packs of new underwear that I had picked up for myself. Before I knew it, she had them unwrapped and was taking them out of the packaging. I didn't figure they could be used as any sort of weapon (maybe a slingshot?), so I let her go ahead and entertain herself with them, as I walked out of the room and into the kitchen to make bottles. Just to make sure that I hadn't made the wrong decision, I peeked my head out of the kitchen and spied on her for a which point she caught my eye. She was holding up two pair of the underwear (now completely out of the packaging) and she said to me:

"Hewe Mommy!! I got deeze out fo you. Hewe's yo new sheet (holding up one pair)...and hewe's yo bwankie (waving the other pair around in the air)."

Dear Lord, she thinks my underwear are bedsheets. So, ummm...maybe its time to get back on the weight loss bandwagon? ::slaps forehead:: Crud.

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Justin & Angie Kimbro said...

OH MY! Made coke come out of my nose! HILARIOUS!

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