Thursday, June 12, 2008

Look out Vera Wang!

This morning started like every other morning in our house. Hubby was running out the door to work, Little was soundly sleeping in her bassinet next to our bed, I was face down in my pillow, grasping for every last breath of sleep I could get, and Big was waking in her toddler bed in her room next door. I could hear her making little wake-up noises in the monitor, but was hopeful that she would bless me by contently playing in her bed for a bit so that I could relish just one more minute of my semi-conscious state. It was not to be. My hopes were quickly dashed when she began yelling "Maaaaaaaaama! I cawwin' youuuuuuuuu! You hewe me?!?! Mama! I cawwin you wiff my mouff!! You hewe me Mama?! Maaaaaaaaaaama!! I neeeeeeeeeeed youuuuuuuuuuuuu," and so my morning began.

As usual I dragged myself into her room and was met with an expression of complete joy and enthusiasm from my Big girl, she was ready to get up and go. So, bunny and blankie in hand, we headed into the living room, when it suddenly dawned on her that she needed to get dressed. Right that very minute. (And this child does not accept just any outfit...she is fancy. Dresses are her everyday uniform. Tights and headbands are her favorite accessories. And anything other than glittery dress shoes is a travesty.) So, we made a u-turn out of the living room and headed back into her bedroom to get her dressed. Not up for a fight over which dress would be weather appropriate for the day, I opened her closet door and stepped back, giving her complete freedom of choice. She stepped toward the closet, nothing less than ecstatic (she has 15 dresses in there people...there was a big decision to be made here!!). She looked over each one thoughtfully...touching each one...moving onto the next one, pausing for a second a few times, as if to contemplate that dress's worthiness of her...and then, after a few minutes, she chose one. She turned to me and said, "Hewe Mama, I weaw dis one today, because dis one matches my shoes and my puwse." I kid you not. And it did. The pink patterned dress she chose matched the pink glitter flats and pink satin purse that she was already sportin' for the day perfectly (keep in mind that she had been out of bed for exactly 3 minutes at this point). I was in awe. My 2 year-old is already fashion and accessory conscious, and damn good at it too. Can you imagine what 13 will bring us?!? I'm scared. Somebody hold me.

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