Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well, it's official! Little is a roller!! Of course I was on my way to work when it happened-grr...the plight of the working mother!-but from what Grandma tells me, Little rolled from her back to her tummy all by herself, three times in a row this morning! She was, understandably, extremely pleased with herself...for a minute or two...and then she was just angry that she was stuck on her tummy. Huh. Next item on the agenda: Figure out how to roll from tummy to back.

Sadly, when I got the call, the first person I wanted to call was our Occupational Therapist, who has spent numerous hours working with Little on the whole "roll over" trick. (Hmm...sounds kinda canine.) Anyhow, the OT will be proud...but instead I called Hubby, so we could gush over our Little girl together. And gush we did...or, well...we do...often. He always looks at her sleeping at night and then says to me (while practically beating his chest with manliness) "We made that you know?!"...and I do. And it still amazes me.

Way to go Little One!! You're such a blessing.

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Jill said...

YAY!!!! That is great! Congrats on having a roller. Next thing you know she'll be crawling!

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